Video Clips - Fifth World Championships


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The Fifth Aikido World Championship Results.

Fifth Aikido World ChampionshipHistory was made at the Aikido World Championships this year when David Fielding, became the Individual World Champion, the first non-Japanese Aikido player to win the title.

David Fielding with team mates Danielle Jones and Mick Pratt then went on to become Mixed Team World Champions on what was a great night for British victory. Well done to the BAA


The Fifth Aikido World Championship Results.
5-10 August 2003, Leeds, UK

Randori No Kata (Kyu)

1 Ryota Nakai and Takayuki Oura JAA
2 Alex Gurendal and Jamie Roberts BAA
3 Eamon Corbally and A J Amjed BAA

Tanto Randori No Kata (Dan)

1 Steve Evans and Martin Livinston BAA
2 Kumiko Mantani and Miki Kawamura JAA
3 Tetsuya Nariyama and Kazuyoshi Fugimoto JAA

Open Kata

1 Mark Watson and Simon Jones BAA
2 Danielle Jones and Chris Moran BAA
3 David Fielding and Metin Muharrem BAA

Dai San Kata

1 Tetsuya Nariyama and Kazuyoshi Fugimoto JAA
2 Tomohiro Inagaki and Naomasa Noshita JAA
3 Masahiro Izutsu and Masayoshi Miyohoto JAA

Mixed Team Tanto Randori

1 Mick Pratt, Danielle Jones and David Fielding BAA
2 Sean Muharrem, Nicole Anson and Marco Crispini BAA
3 Metin Muharrem, Rowan Pratt and Adrian Tipling BAA

Women’s Team Tanto Randori

1 Sanae Sakakibara, Keiko Sato and Youko Yoshinari JAA
2 Danielle Jones, Nicole Anson and Rowan Pratt BAA
3 Miki Kawarmura, Fumika Yamaasaki and Fumi Ogasawara JAA

Women’s Individual Tanto Randori

1 Sanae Sakakibara JAA
2 Danielle Jones BAA
3 Miki Kawarmura JAA

Men’s Individual Tanto Randori

1 David Fielding BAA
2 Mick Pratt BAA
3 Taketo Shiroaka JAA

Mens’s Team Tanto Randori

1 S Sakai, K Felton, I Inagaki, T Higashi, M McCavish and Y Oata JAA
2 M Muharrem, M Crispini, A Tipling, D Fielding, M Pratt, S Muharrem BAA
3 N Ueki, S Suzuki,T Ohnishi, T Siroaka, M Hirai and M Ohsugi JAA
Festival events


1 Mark Watson, Simon Jones and Chris Moran BAA
2 Metin Muharrem, Michael Gayle and Sean Muharrem BAA
3 Adam Berry, Adrian Tipling and Tim Dean BAA


1 R Nakai, J Gallagher, T Nariyama, T Inagaki,
S Sakaii, T Oura and M Kawamura JAA

2 A Gurendal, J Roberts, S Muharrem, D Fielding,
T Dean, M Patterson and M Crispini, BAA

3 C Moran, P Carr, G Bottomley, D Jones,S Jones,
M Muhreem and A Tipling BAA


Video clips of the Fifth Aikido World Championships


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Our thanks goes to the unknown camera man who took these clips and placed them up on the web. We have also seen these files on the Wakefield Aikido Club website so we suspect the originally came from there. Well Done!




Dai san finals Kneeling

  Dai san finals Japanese squad (Kneeling & hand to hand)

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  26 megabyte
  Mens open kata   Mens open kata

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  14 megabyte
  Mens open kata winners    

Tanto randori finals


17 megabyte

  12.5 megabyte
  Nariyama Demonstration part 1   Nariyama Demonstration part 2

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  15 megabyte
  Nariyama Demonstration part 3   DIVX CODEX 5.11 or greater required

8 megabyte

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